DC Jacks History


DC Jacks was started by a group of friends who were avid Swansea fans with no place to watch. We were going around D.C. trying every soccer bar to watch the game. Every bar was affiliated with some team - Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool ... but no bar was a Swansea bar. Finally, we wanted to be able to meet other Swansea fans and watch with true Swans. That is when we decided to create DC Jacks - the official Swansea FC fan group in D.C. 

DC Jacks watch every Swansea game together at Walters Sports Bar near the Georgia Ave - Petworth Metro Station. If you love Swansea, food and beer, then make sure you sign up for our DC Jacks newsletter so you never miss an event! 

DC Jacks is now an official Swansea FC fan group in North America. 

We hope to see you at Walters!